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Avanale is a leading specialist designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of BW & SW RO units with over 200 RO units supplied in the last 36 months - skid mounted or containerised 120 up to 50,000 litres and hour

Spacifically designed to meet your requirements with your logo. In Australia we only supply to Water Treatment Companies - contact us for your closest agent or if you would like to become an agent.

Developing Partnerships through support and quality products

At Avanale Water Solutions and Avanale Renewable Energy, we understand that when it comes to water treatment, reliability is everything. That's why we use only the highest-quality materials and the most rigorous processes to create products that are built to last. Our extensive experience working in some of the world's most challenging environments has given us the knowledge and expertise to deliver water treatment solutions that you can rely on.

As an Australian-owned manufacturer, wholesaler & importer based in South East Queensland, we've been providing quality products to the Australian Water Treatment Industry for over 22 years. Our team of experienced engineers and specialists are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction, making sure that you get the right product for your needs.

Please note that as a true manufacturer/importer/wholesaler, we don't supply our products directly to end-users. Instead, we work closely with our network of distributors to ensure that our products are available to everyone who needs them. If you're interested in our products, please contact us, and we'll put you in touch with one of our distributors.

At Avanale, we're proud to be supported by leading water process manufacturers and the largest electrical distributor in the world. We offer a wide range of high-quality products and solutions, from water treatment chemicals to filtration systems, and everything in between. Whatever your water treatment needs are, we're confident that we can provide a solution that works for you.

So why choose Avanale? Because we're committed to providing high-quality products at true wholesale pricing. We offer exceptional customer service and support, and we're always willing to go the extra mile to meet your needs. Plus, with our extensive experience in the industry, you can trust that we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver reliable water treatment solutions that will stand the test of time.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Contact Avanale today to learn more about our products and how we can help you with your water treatment needs. You can reach our CEO directly on

+61 481 214 221

0481 214 221

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We hear the term "Guru or Experts" from those claiming to have years of experience whilst trying to copy our systems. Meanwhile we continue to focus on quality and fit for purpose designs



(please note we have excluded our agents/partners names for privacy)


2023 - Manufactured our new UF model, currently building another 12 RO units, we've had 3 trips to China & Thailand to continue our ongoing quality control program as well as perform FAT's.

2022 year to date October- We are currently building a 15kl/hr containerised RO, a 4.3kl/hr containerised RO as well as 3 x MMF skids each with 3 of 36" FRP vessels with pumps, a Pharmaceutical RO & filtration skid, and 15 various sized AVRO RO's (up to 3kl/hr). This year we have already built 37 RO units, 2 UF units, as well as a 40 foot containerised UF/RO system We have also sent 32 solar systems to the Pacific. We have also provided numerous media filters and provided continuous support to our distributors.

We have also upgraded the features of our AVRO RO units as a part of our continuous product review and improvement program.


December 2021 - RO build completed for one of agents who is supplying the RO to a farmer in SE Queensland.

November 2021 - AVRO version 1.6 is coming as we start manufacture of another 10 RO units with updated features

November 2021 - Build starts for our latest RO sold by our agent to provide water to a Queensland mining camp

October 2021 - 5 RO's shipped to our agent in the Pacific

October 2021 - 18 more solar systems shipped to the Pacific

September 2021 - 38 x 5.2kw AC solar systems shipped to the Pacific

August 2021 3 more special order RO units being manufactured

August 2021 - RO supplied to Fiji through a local agent

March 2021 - another 10 RO units in production

March 21 - 6 more solar systems shipped to the pacific

February 2021 - Another 40 Enphase micro inverter Solar systems shipped to Nauru

February 2021 - A total of 140 Reverse Osmosis units supplied to Australia and the Pacific since 2018.

October 2020 - You tube channel started

October 2020 - Design & Supply 2 customised Pharmaceutical RO & IX systems with pre-treatment

August 2020 - Avanale Supply 106 Reverse Osmosis units supplied to Australia and the Pacific since 2018.

April 2020 - 91 Reverse Osmosis units supplied to Australia and the Pacific since 2018.

April 2020 13 RO units in production

March 2020 10 SWRO units delivered to Kiribati

February 2020 another 12 RO units delivered

January 2020 Full stock of cartridge filters, media and filter housings available

November 2019 - 20 RO units currently being manufactured.

October 2019 - Wholesale price list released

July 2019 signed contract with the President of Kiribati to supply 10 BW & SW Solar and Battery powered RO units to the outer islands of Kiribati - some of the most remote places on the planet.

June 2019 Move into our new Warehouse in Hemmant, Brisbane.

May 2019 Big month with 7 RO's delivered.

May 2019 R&D underway on our new Solar powered water production units designed to bring water to those without.

April 2019 Refurbish an old 110kl/day SWRO in Kiribati

March 2019 - AVRO 3000 & 6000 version 1.4 released

March 2019 - Install 500kl/day Sea Water Reverse Osmosis unit in Kiribati

February 2019 - First Solar hybrid air conditioner installed

December 2018 - Finalise 330kw Solar system

September 2018 - Newly developed industrial quality sea water and brackish water Solar powered reverse osmosis systems released, utilising Tier one Solar panels

August 2018 - awarded supply of remote 220kw Enphase & Suntech solar system

July 2018 install of 6.4kw solar with Redback hybrid inverter and 4.8kw battery (up-gradable to 12kw)

July 2018 - Lisa and Ken excited as we install their 6.4 kw solar system in Brisbane

June 2018, remote 100kw solar installation completed as well as 7 household units,

May 2018 Awarded project Manager of 500kl/day RO in the Pacific

May 2018 - Awarded refurbishment project of Sea Water RO in Pacific

April 2018 - 10 new RO's currently under construction

January 2018 - Awarded design, supply and installation of 100kw solar system using Suntech panels and Enphase micro inverters on an Island in the middle of the Pacific.

December 2017 - 14 new RO's currently under construction. Urgent supply to Tuvalu of filter consumables, motor and pumps for their RO's.

November 2017 - Newly released AVRO 3000 & 6000 RO's proving popular with 12 sold in 4 months

November 2017 Awarded design, manufacture and commission BWRO - Pacific Islands

October 2017 Awarded design, manufacture and commission Sea Water RO, QLD

August 2017 - Refurbishment of 900kl/day sea water RO unit

July 2017 - New low cost Avanale designed 2 & 4, 4" membrane RO models released and in stock in Brisbane.

March 2017 - RO membrane and filter agency for Australia - contact us for details and great prices on quality membranes and cartridge filters

January 2017 - Completed 800 person Waste Water Treatment Plant

September 2016 - Supplied containerised 480kl/day sea water reverse osmosis unit to Republic of Nauru. This is the 3rd unit supplied with the previous being 480kl/day unit and a 800kl/day unit

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