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Supplying Solar Solutions throughout the Pacific

Avanale Renewable Energy is a leading supplier of Solar Systems thoughout the Pacific, we partner with world leading suppliers and specialists to provide world leading solutions for Solar as well as battery storage. Specialising in remote locations as well as inner city projects. On grid or full off gid solutions

With supporting partners such as Sonepar ( ) we are able to support our clients with not only the latest up to date advice and technology, but also the best service.

We offer products such as

Full Solar panel kits for households - over 100 systems supplied to Nauru as well as systems in Kiribati and Fiji

Enphase Micro Inverter Solar Systems  - click for details

Solar street lights

LED street lights 

Solar assisted air conditioners

Full off grid solutions - Panels and battery

Solar power water treatment

Battery storage

Naturally we also offer Solar Powered water treatment solutions

We have a range of 12 Volt Lithium Batteries, panels, charges and accessories for Marine & RV

Project on the the remote Island nation of Nauru.

330kw solar installation in Nauru. Suntech panels and Enphase micro inverters. Delivered on time and on budget.

Payback period for the client is in the order of 18 months.

We partner with brands from around the world that have a proven track record for quality in the renewable energy space.



Enphase - click here for details





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