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Sea Water Reverse Osmosis

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Avanale have a long and proud history of supplying quality Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Units through the Pacific. We bring our many years of experience to our latest models of SWRO units. What does this mean to you? It means robust, easy to operate, lower energy solutions to your project, that will operate for years to come. We can also provide Solar and Battery backup solutions with full off grid capabilities. 

We have a number of features built into our design that our competitors simply do not offer. The features help ensure the longevity of our equipment - even on our small units we provide these features.

Energy Recovery on our larger systems

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We can custom build to your specifications and provide OEM solutions.

Watch our operation demo of SWRO Fresh Water Flush

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2.5" membrane units

AVRO-SWRO-25 series up to 6.2m3/day

4" membrane units

AVRO-SWRO-40 series up to 24m3/day

4" membrane units

AVRO-SWRO-40M series 34m3/day 57m3/day

8" membrane Systems

AVRO-SWRO-80 series 91m3/day to 160m3/day

8" membrane units with energy recovery

AVRO-SWRO-80M 150m3/day up to 1.25Meg/day

Other sizes available on request

Our Typical SWRO design

Reliability comes through the choice of materials utilised in the build of the system as well as process design. Short cuts result in a shorter and more expensive life cycle of your unit. We have many years of experience in some of the most remote places on earth. We bring this experience to you in every unit we supply.



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Case Study One

Case Study Two

Some Installation Examples

Lord Howe Island – Supply a 500 litre an hour reverse osmosis unit

Kiribati – Design, supply and install/commission a containerised 500kl/day sea water reverse osmosis unit, including Bore and associated equipment in Tarawa.

Kiribati – design and supply 10 solar powered Sea Water RO units for outer islands

Kiribati – Refurbishment of an old 110l/day SWRO that had not operated for 8 years for the Public Utilities Board.

Nauru - Design, supply, install and commission a 330Kw AC solar system.

Nauru – Supply multiple household solar systems

Nauru - Design, supply and install commission and service a 660 litre per hour, brackish water MMF/RO for drinking water

PNG – Supply, install and commission a containerised 800m3/day sea water RO unit Manus Island, PNG for the Australian Government, including training of operators and ongoing support and associated equipment.

PNG - Refurbishment of 2 of 500kl/day SWRO units

Nauru - Supply, install and commission a containerised 800m3/day sea water RO unit as well as 2 of containerised 500kl units. including training of operators and ongoing support for the first 4 years for the Australian Government .

Nauru – engaged on a consultancy type basis to assist with the management of operation of 3 SWRO and 3 SWTP’s in Nauru and 3 SWRO units in PNG.

PNG - 2 of 500kl/day SWRO – Refurbish and modify 2 of poorly designed containerised 500m3/day sea water RO units on Manus Island for the Australian Government.

Taiwanese Piggery – Nauru Design, supply and commission a 14m3/day brackish water MMF/RO at the Taiwanese Piggery Nauru.

Dialysis Nauru – Supply ultra-pure RO for the Nauru Hospital Dialysis unit.

RON Hospital Waste Water Treatment, Nauru – Supply containerised waste water treatment to treatment the Hospital’s waste water.

Nauru - Supply a 1500 person waste water treatment plant

As well as over 120 other RO units in Australia over the last two years through our Australian agents supplying Hospitals, Laboratories, General Industry, Agricultural, Hotels, Mining and Private Households.

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