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This Game Changing process can be standalone, mobile and portable and even combined with other technologies such as RO and/or Ultrafiltration

We can custom design and build to suit your specific requirements


The AVRO-dis® technology offers a unique approach to water disinfection, setting it apart from traditional electro-chlorination methods. Unlike conventional systems that rely on adding chlorine through electrolysis of brine, the AVRO-dis® system electrolytically disinfects water utilising Hydroxyl Radicals within its cell while simultaneously producing a low concentration of hypochlorite in-situ.


One significant advantage of the AVRO-dis® system is its ability to function effectively in fresh water with low conductivity, eliminating the need for storing or externally dosing hypochlorite or other chemicals. This eliminates associated challenges of having to utilise hazardous chemicals or deal with salt and brine requirements. The primary disinfection process in the AVRO-dis® system is electrolytic, resulting in the absence of unwanted carcinogenic chlorinated organic by-products.


Furthermore, the AVRO-dis® system offers several practical benefits. It does not require dosing pumps, calibration, or extensive servicing. Its innovative cell design prevents scaling, reducing routine maintenance. The system consumes less power and has a smaller footprint, making it well-suited for disaster relief and remote locations. 


Monitoring can be done remotely, and the AVRO-dis® system does not increase the total dissolved solids or salt levels in the treated water. It also has a lower environmental impact compared to traditional electro-chlorination methods and can be operated with Solar panels.


The AVRO®-dis treatment utilises a dual-pronged integrated module design, combining electrolysis and electro-catalysis. The first phase converts water molecules into Hydroxyl radicals, a potent natural oxidiser against bacteria, viruses, and algae. In the second phase, electro-catalysis generates a chlorine residual from the chloride ions already present in the water, safeguarding the treated water and downstream pipework.


This revolutionary AVRO®-dis treatment process provides powerful oxidation and disinfection capabilities while creating chlorine in-situ. 

Applications include

Sanitisation for drinking water

Emergency situations and disaster relief

Treated sewage and industrial outflows

Bottling plants

Swimming pools

Potable water treatment

Rural and remote settings

Industrial process water treatment


Key product highlights of AVRO-dis include

 Chemical-free operation

Compatibility with solar power

Integrated and easy-to-install designs

Dual-action disinfection 

Efficient removal of iron and manganese

Modular design for capacity incrementation

Prevention of carcinogenic chlorine by-products

In-situ generation of disinfectant without storage requirements

In-line dosing without the need for a dosing system

unique cell design preventing scaling and enabling self-cleaning

automated operation and process control easily integrated with existing management systems

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