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Presenting AVRO®-dis, our ground-breaking marvel in water treatment! It's a game-changer


The AVRO®-dis Technology is a unique product that can disinfect water for potable applications without the need to purchase, transport and store or use hazardous chemicals


AVRO®-dis is a ground breaking uniquely innovative chemical free water disinfection technique that uses the electro catalytic break down of water to instantly destroy waterborne micro-organisms including micro-flora, while simultaneously converting chloride ions into chlorine leaving a measured residual disinfection in the treated water.


But that's not the best part! It also converts chloride ions into chlorine, leaving a protective layer of disinfection in the water; it's like having a bodyguard for your water, always ensuring it remains safe and sanitary. Say goodbye to conventional methods like chemical dosing, ultraviolet irradiation, and ozonisation; AVRO®-dis has got you covered with a cost-effective, eco-friendly, adaptable, and portable mechanism.


Imagine applying this super-charged technique to everything from sanitizing treated wastewater to transforming re-use water into potable drinking water. It's a game-changer for communities in need of dependable, clean water sources or disaster relief.


Plus, AVRO®-dis shines especially bright where traditional methods falter. No more hassles of moving and storing hazardous chemicals. It is ideal for remote communities. It even tackles tough issues like biofilm and algae control in evaporative water systems, bore columns, water storages, and ornamental water bodies.


Let's talk about energy efficiency – AVRO®-dis is a veritable Green Lantern! It works seamlessly with sustainable energy sources like solar panels or wind generators, making it perfect for remote applications. Monitoring and control are a breeze too, thanks to its programmable logic controller or basic controller that lets you observe and control remotely. This means fewer site visits and more peace of mind.

And we didn't forget about Mother Earth! AVRO®-dis sports a long-lasting design with all components being recyclable and reusable.


This not only cuts down on landfill waste but also saves you from recurrently shelling out for replacing expensive parts.

In a nutshell, AVRO®-dis is here setting new standards in water treatment technology, offering a solution that's simple, sustainable, and downright sensational!

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