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Premium Solar Panels

With so many Solar panels on the market, how do you tell the difference between a good, ordinary or low quality panel? The problem is, when they are new, they all look and perform pretty much the same. They all have great brochures, marketing and will state good warranties. The difference comes after you've had them on your roof for a while or tried to claim warranty - by then it's too late. Having been to many solar panel manufacturing facilities, I can tell you there are big differences. So is the supply chain, in Australia over 800 companies have gone broke supplying solar, so if you need warranty from those companies, good luck. We secure our panels through Soneper, a company over 100 years old with Euro23billion turnover. The scale of this company provides you a back up to the manufacturer's warranty, giving you the double security.

With our installations operating in some of the worlds most corrosive and harshest conditions ask us why we promote the panels we do

Suntech & Trina

Suntech and Trina are our 2 leading panels. Whilst you may contact us for other brands that we stock, these two are proving themselves to be the most reliable in our remote harsh installations such as the installation pictured to the left.

370 and 390 watt are the most commonly used at the moment, but larger are available, click below for some technical brochures or contact us.

Suntech 370

Trina 390

Looking for a flexible panel? Talk to us about the advantages

eArche products are intended to change the way how solar is deployed in the market, making solar energy more accessible & affordable to all. The product is a High-effiency module (up to 16.0%), through advanced manufacturing technology. Through replacement of the glass & optimization of the frame eArche weighs as much as 70% less than conventional PV panels & is ultra-light. eArche combines a unique, patented material with other industry-leading technologies to produce superior flexible crystalline-silicon panel which can be installed on curved surfaces. These panels are an aesthetically pleasing design with patented materials & sophisticated manufacturing process resulting in a high-efficiency, attractive panel, with no light pollution, & high levels of safety. eArche patented manufacturing process & material development allows eArche to be manufactured to any size cost effectively. Flexibility can be customized to suit any application

eArche tech brochure

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