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Sludge Dewatering

Avanale's Dewatering tubes and bags

Avanale's Dewatering tubes and bags

Low energy, low operator input, proven design,. low cost

Suitable for most locations the dewatering bag is ideal when you have space and time and is ideal for remote locations and small communities.

Bag sizes are varied depending on your requirements. Our bags are double stitched and made for strength and durability.

Please email us for further information & a brochure.

Sludge dewatering

How Does It Work?

Once the process is finalised the operation is simple. Sludge is pumped into our mixing tank, a poly is introduced, mixed and then pumped into the bags. As you can see from the photo clear water seeps out whilst the sludge dewaters.

Safe and simple to use, very few moving parts and far cheaper than filter presses or centrifuges.

Case Study

Case Study

Our latest install up and ready to go.

Client wanted bags and temporary bund under cover. The roof was placed between containers which the client uses for storage. The result was a economical robust solution that works.

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