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 Several of our remote offshore Projects

Refurbishment of 3 x 120kL/day, 12 year old sea water RO units in the Central Pacific

AusAID funded, these units had suffered from a lack of maintenance and as such a detailed review was conducted. Works were included pipework, valves, seals and electrical repairs to return units to original specification.

Update March 2016 - client has purchase 480kl/day RO based on value for money and service received.

480kL/day containerised sea water RO unit Nauru

Located only kilometres from the equator, Nauru is a remote Island in the Pacific. The requirement was for a robust, reliable automated containerised system with remote monitoring.

Operation can be viewed from anywhere in the world from any computer connected to the www.

Reference available

Update - client has since purchased 2 x 800kl a day units based on the reliability and service received

Waste Water treatment Plant

Remotely located in the Pacific, this 600EP Bio-Disk has now been upgraded to a 1500EP unit. The quality of treated water and ease of use has exceeded the clients expectations. The client is also impressed at the low energy requirements and reliability of the plant especially when compared to other technologies from other suppliers that they have onsite.specially

Reference available

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