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Enphase is the safer reliable choice

With Enphase solar micro inverters, you’re in control, and that’s a powerful thing. 

You can save money.

You can manage your own energy. 

You can be energy independent. 

But none of that matters if it’s not safe.

That’s why Enphase is built from the ground up with

safety in mind.

Avanale brings you Enphase with full warranty and backup support

Why Enphase?

We have used Enphase exclusively in many remote locations, once we presented the options the clients, they have recognised the unique safety and ability increase their system size down the track - something that other inverters a re limited by.

Click here for the Enphase brochure

The photo to the left shows part of the 330kw Enphase solar system we installed with Suntech panels in the Central Pacific.

A bit more about why Enphase is the best choice for you

Enphase for your Home or Business

A brief overview of some of the benefits of installing Enphase - remember though we also recommend a quality panel such as Suntech

IQ7A Inverter

You you should consider the IQ7A inverter

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